UN rep discusses UPR with Cambodia Human Rights Committee

UN rep discusses UPR with Cambodia Human Rights Committee UN rep discusses UPR with Cambodia Human Rights Committee

The United Nations Country Team, led by Resident Coordinator Pauline Tamesis, on Thursday met with Keo Remy, President of the Cambodia Human Rights Committee, to discuss the Universal Periodic Review of Cambodia (UPR) mid-term review.

The dialogue focused on recommendations relating to sexual orientation and gender identity, and the rights of LGBTI people.

They also discussed the establishment of a National Human Rights Institution through inclusive and transparent law-making processes and in compliance with the Paris Principles. The UN stands ready to provide its technical support to the government to make human rights a reality for all in Cambodia in line with Cambodia’s obligations.

Remy informed Tamesis about the government’s efforts to promote human rights, especially in relation to gender orientation and gender equality (SOGI). Women’s rights, girls’ rights and gay rights.

He said that while, the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Interior are discussing the creation of the law on discrimination, law on gender equality and are strengthening the implementation of action plans and strategies to combat discrimination against women and domestic violence, as well as training law enforcement officers in institutions and courts dealing with domestic violence effectively.

Tamesis expressed her full support for the CHRC in co-organising a workshop on the implementation of the third round of UPR recommendations mid-term and organising a consultative workshop on the draft law on the establishment of human rights institutions. She also supported the co-organisation of the forthcoming press conference on press freedom.